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I’ve taken up a new challenge which fits so well into my personal goal to delve back into creative writing. It’s called, as may be evident from the title of this post, A Round of Words in 80 Days which is designed to build discipline through measurable goals specific to each writer’s needs and schedule. Some people choose a total daily or weekly word count and/or to meet particular project development goals such as solidifying a story plot, story outline or character profiles. By setting individual goals it’ll force me, at least, to break those periodic cycles of procrastination I, and many of us I’m sure, so easily fall into.

People check-in bi-weekly, on Wednesdays and Sundays linking their blogs to a central website. The challenge is on its 3rd round, with each round lasting 80 days. This one started in July 4th but you’re free to join up any time. Just jump on in for one of the check-in days and get started! Click the image to the left to find out more information.

Overall, my personal goal is to delve back into fiction writing again after a long absence and build a respectable body of publishable work. I also have a career development goal as well, separate from the immediate purpose of this blog. I want to work as a contributor to a range of informational and/or news outlets (websites, blogs, online magazines,etc). I foresee the topics will range from environmental issues to travel to business to general human interest. I have one contact so far and hope to produce more as my portfolio develops.

Having said that I have to start somewhere, so for my first check-in I am
setting these goals for myself;

  • Spend a minimum of 2 hours/day researching and/or writing a contributor
    article or fiction writing piece. I say a minimum of 2 hours but
    research always stretches out longer, before you know it you’re
    hitting the 4 hour mark.

  • Produce one 650+ word contributor article and work on a creative writing
    piece, shooting for ~ 600 words per week. So by the end of each week
    I’ll have written 1200-1300 words.

I believe this is realistic. It’s not, in the whole scheme of things, a ton of work but it’s better to start of slowly than to risk frustration by trying to meet an overly ambitious goal. Best to work incrementally and build up from there.