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Well after my poor showing over the last week or so, I have found myself again and have produced so far this week 1495 words. That goes beyond my weekly goal of ~1300 words. And I’ve been able to spend more than my 2 hours a day since Sunday working on this. Perhaps I need to bump those goals up. I’ll keep that in mind.

As I work through this novella, contest project I’m a bit stuck on a couple of parts of the story that seem too coincidental. I want to avoid the readers, and the judges, thinking, “Oh, that was convenient” when the character just happens to escape a tight situation. So I’m a bit stuck on that at the moment as I endeavor to add realism and validity to those portions.

But all is good so far. I’m off to a strong start this week and feel pretty good about continuing with this momentum.

Good luck to all the rest of you on your projects through the rest of week!