About this blog

Nope, not a group of lovely ladies engaged in deep thought. This is me pondering the nine muses, asking their advice and exploring the directions this leap back into creative scribblings will take. 

So what will this blog be about? Hmmm….

Well I suppose this will depend on wherever it is my
mind wanders. My prime motivation is simply to get myself writing
again, creatively, as a break from the objective rigidity of
scientific writing. Having said that, though, I have many interests
and there’ll be numerous topics that will allow me to expound on
personal experiences and opinion.

Don’t worry…no political ranting here.
I foresee the departures from my fiction writing focus will include travel experiences,
topics pertaining to the environment, trends in an apparent science fiction popularity
resurgence and tidbits of history. Those are just a few that have come to mind.

On the fiction writing side many of these same
topics will undoubtedly surface as well. I admit I have been on a bit of scifi
bent of late. I’ve always loved the genre and the blame sits squarely on my Dad’s
shoulders having introduced me to reruns of the original Star Trek
series WAY back when. From there it has essentially snowballed to the
point where I was even writing a book based on the Star Trek Voyager
series. I viewed it as a “foot in the door” opportunity since it
required a literary agent to submit it to the publisher.
Unfortunately for me, the series came to a nice, tidy conclusion
before I was able to finish. Not wanting to waste my efforts I am
re-writing the story as an independent, standalone short-story or
book. Excerpts will more than likely find their way on here in hopes
of feedback from the 2 or 3 of you who find this blog worth reading
on a regular basis. In any event this blog will be peppered with a
savory dose of science fiction fairly regularly. I also discovered
flash fiction recently, a type of storytelling in which the writer endeavors to
create a complete, self-contained story in about 600 words. It’s
pretty challenging and I’ll post a few of my attempts on here. 

So, all in all, you’ll encounter a lot of mental
meanderings on here. As the namesake implies…this will be me taking
this latest foray in writing in various directions, consulting the
muses, so to speak, accompanied by a decent amount of healthy
anticipation as to what’ll be discovered.

We’ll see how it evolves….


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